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(JAVA Examples)
(JAVA Examples)
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| 5.0/5.1  
| 5.0/5.1  
| [http://sourceforge.net/projects/logicaldoc/files/samples/samples-5.1/Java-webserviceTests-5.1.zip/download Java-WebServicesTests-5.1.zip]
| [http://sourceforge.net/projects/logicaldoc/files/samples/samples-5.1/Java-webserviceTests-5.1.zip/download Java-WebServicesTests-5.1.zip]
| 4.5
| [http://sourceforge.net/projects/logicaldoc/files/samples/samples-4.5/Java-webserviceTests-4.5.zip/download Java-WebServicesTests-4.5.zip<br>]

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JAVA Examples

On SourceForge we have released an example project that Tests the WS features of LD and simultaneously shows the WS invocations with JAVA

LogicalDOC version Sample
6.5.1 Java-WebServicesTests-6.5.1.zip
6.4 Java-WebServicesTests-6.4.zip
6.2 Java-WebServicesTests-6.2.zip
6.0 Java-WebServicesTests-6.0.zip
5.0/5.1 Java-WebServicesTests-5.1.zip

.NET Integration

This is a sample Visual Studio 2008 project created to illustrate some C# .NET 2.0 invocations of the LogicalDOC web-services

LD version Sample package
6.4 dotNET-webservice-client-6.4.zip
6.0 dotNET2WSClient-6.0.zip
5.2.1 dotNET2WSClient-5.2.1.zip
5.0 dotNET2WSClient-5.0.zip

PHP Integration

The Web-Services of LogicalDOC are fully compatibles with PHP 5.3.3
A few days ago we released a set of example that shows the invocation of methods through the SoapClient (SOAP extension) for PHP.
As always you can download it from SourceForge.

LD version Download Url Notes
Of particular interest is the new example Folder_downloadRecursively.php that lets you perform full backup of the repository starting from a given folder