Building from sources

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You need JDK 1.7, Maven 3.0.3, Ant 1.7 to build this sources

Download the source package

The source files are available in a compressed .zip file from the LogicalDOC project on SourceForge, accessing the files under section Files /sources.
Navigate to the version you are interested and download the .zip archive
e.g. This is the link to download the sources of LogicalDOC CE version 7.1.2

Install the parent dependencies

Unzip the .zip file archive.
Open a command shell to the folder where you unzipped the archive

go into folder: build/poms
launch the command:

  mvn install

Produce the web application archive

go into folder: community/logicaldoc/

launch the command:

  mvn -Dmaven.test.skip=true install

on the subfolder: community/logicaldoc/logicaldoc-web/target
you should find the .war archive containing the web application

For more instructions regarding maven installation or better workspace organization you can read the LogicalDOC Developer's Manual