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Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) is a technical specification domain model for interacting with an document centric ECM repository via Web Services. It provides a content management domain-specific data model, a set of generic services that act on that data model and several protocol bindings for these services, including: SOAP and Representational State Transfer (REST).

The LogicalDOC CMIS API allows CMIS compliant clients to communicate with a LogicalDOC repository using the AtomPub format. However, the current implementation is incomplete and the LogicalDOC CMIS implementation should be considered as an experimental/unfinished feature at this time.

New functionality will be added over time. Check this page for the latest updates.


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CMIS is an OASIS initiative, a consortium focused on driving the definition and uptake of open standards on the web. OASIS is an incubator for a number of draft standards significant in the content management space, in particular, (CMIS) and the recently initiated Integrated Collaboration Object Model (ICOM) specifications.


  • Seamless (and out-the-box) integration between LogicalDOC and your existing content management infrastructure;
  • Federated searching among multiple LogicalDOC repositories and other content management systems;
  • A far richer set of tools and plugins integrated with LogicalDOC such as the AIR/FLEX and JavaFX Clients;
  • The combination of an open standards based interface and open source means even more peace of mind knowing that your document repository is completely future-proof.

Get Involved

To get involved in testing our CMIS interface, download the latest Community Edition or retrieve the latest code from our SVN code repository.

CMIS Version

LogicalDOC is currently implementing the CMIS Specification at version 0.61c.

Communication Protocol

The LogicalDOC CMIS API currently accepts requests and returns responses using the Atom Publishing Protocol (AtomPub.)

CMIS Clients

The LogicalDOC CMIS implementation has been tested with the following CMIS clients with varying results:


Main Article: CMISSpaces
File:CMISSpaces Screenshot.png
A content repository in CMISSpaces

CMISSpaces is an Adobe Air based client. For compatibility you will want Build 7 or 8. Earlier builds are not compatible with CMIS 0.61 and Build 9 and later are built against newer versions of the specification.

Currently supported functionality includes:

  • Browsing
  • Folder (Space) creation and deletion
  • Document creation and deletion

As the specification is updated we will attempt to keep LogicalDOC in sync with both the specification and at least one client (with CMISSpaces as our current first choice.)

CMIS Explorer

Main Article: CMIS Explorer

CMIS Explorer is an Adobe Air based client.

Note: Adobe Air is required to run this client.

Currently supported functionality includes:

  • Repository Information
  • Repository Object Types and Type Definitions
  • List folder contents (children or descendant collections) and browse into sub-folders.
  • Create Documents (upload)

CMIS Explorer can be downloaded here.

Supported Functionality

This section lists the functions which are supported by the LogicalDOC CMIS API. Not all of these will necessarily be available in all CMIS clients.

  1. View repository information and capabilities.
  2. List folder contents (children or descendant collections) and browse into sub-folders.
  3. Fetch Folder or Document parent object
  4. Add Folders and Documents
  5. Deletion of Documents and Folders
  6. Viewing of Documents via the document's contentStream property.

NOTE: to get all of the latest functionality you may need to check out the latest code from the source repository. Refer to the LogicalDOC documentation for your version to see what CMIS functionality is present in that version.

Current Status

This section describes CMIS functionality which is currently under development. Functionality listed here may be available if you are using the daily builds but may also be not present, partial, or broken.

  1. Moving of Documents and Folders
  2. Update Document metadata
  3. Update Folder metadata (folder rename, update folder description)
  4. Update of document content
  5. Search for documents (full-text)
  6. Search for documents (parametric)
  7. Folder search

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