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Index Conversion Tool

At beginning of year 2020 the new release 8.5 will be made available. This new release will use a different full-text index format. Indexes created by LogicalDOC before release 8.3.2 will not work anymore with LogicalDOC 8.5 and therefore must to be converted to the new format.

We strongly recommend to do this conversion as soon as possible so there will be
no problems when you will upgrade your installation to the 8.5.

What this tool does

This tool is designed to process your actual index and convert it in a format compatible with LogicalDOC 8.5. After this conversion you can continue to use your actual version of LogicalDOC, but you will be ready to upgrade to 8.5 when it will be available.

Who must run this tool and who must not

If you started using LogicalDOC since version 8.3.2 you must not run this tool. If you started using LogicalDOC before version 8.3.2 you must run this tool.


This tool can by ran on versions from 8.3.2 to 8.4.x. It will not run in case you have a version older than 8.3.1, so in this case update your installation to the 8.3.2 first.

How to run this tool

Unpack the artifact .zip into your LogicalDOC's home dir, this will create the folder <LDOC_HOME>/indexconverter

If you are in Linux or Nas, open a shell and execute the following commands: cd <LDOC_HOME>/indexconverter chmod a+x ./

If you are in Windows, open an elevated console and execute the following commands: cd <LDOC_HOME>/indexconverter convert.bat

Once the tool is launched you can follow how it is doing by looking at the log file converter.log

How long it takes to convert

Unfortunately the conversion is not a quick task, the time depends on how many documents you have, and on the CPU performances. If you are on a Xeon QuadCore with SSD disk, you can expect 500 documents processed per minute. You can interrupt the conversion at any time and start it again, you will not loose the already done conversion. There is no need to stop LogicalDOC, but if you stop it the conversion process will be quicker.