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LogicalDOC CE 5.2.1 has been tested with Oracle 10g Express Edition

The last test was performed on Windows Vista SP1 on 2010/08/21

The installation is very simple,

1) At first it is necessary to create a Database User for LogicalDOC
   and assign permissions to this user to manage the database (creating tables, inserting data, deleting etc. ..)
Oracle Create Database User.gif

2) Subsequently, proceed with the installation of LogicalDOC 5.2.1

    select an External Database Manager
LogicalDOC Configure Database.gif
3) Select from the drop-down menu on the left Oracle 10g

Fill in the URL field by entering the JDBC Url connection of your instance of Oracle.
the format is the following:

eg: in my case it was:

specify the Username and Password of your Database User
LogicalDOC Configure Oracle jdbc Url.gif

Then press Continue ad go to the SMTP settings,
after this last Step (4) press Continue for the last time and finally your LogicalDOC 5.2.1 is installed on Oracle 10g Express Edition.

LogicalDOC Oracle installed.gif