LDCE Migration from 6.0.1 to 6.0.2

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  • Stop Tomcat
  • Make a backup of your DB
  • Make a backup of the document repository
  • Make a backup of the logicaldoc web-app folder
  • Copy the configuration file of LogicalDOC  (context.properties)  in a safe place
    this is in folder: tomcat-6.0.29\webapps\logicaldoc\WEB-INF\classes
  • Replace the logicaldoc.war
  • Start Tomcat
  • Wait until Tomcat has completed the startup procedure
  • Stop Tomcat
  • Restore the context.properties values or simply replace it with the old one
  • Ensure that you updated (in context.properties) the product.release keyword value to 6.0.2
  • Start Tomcat again
  • Enjoy LogicalDOC 6.0.2!