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This integration allows to integrate Joomla with LogicalDOC.

With this component you can expose one or more sections of the LogicalDOC's tree within Joomla, allowing the use of documents in a controlled way, wherever they are, either in an intranet or extranet.

For more information please refer to the LogicalDOC website or see the reviews of the component in the extensions directory on Joomla site.

Download Version 2.0.0


This plugin has beeen developed and tested on Joomla 3.10.8 against LogicalDOC 8.7.4 with PHP 8.1.1
It uses the php client SDK created from SwaggerHub https://app.swaggerhub.com/apis/swatzniak/logicaldoc_rest_api/8.7.4
You can test it against a local or remote installed logicaldoc
just use http://localhost:8080 as URL and admin/admin as username/password

Download Version 1.0.7


Tested against Joomla 3.10.8 and LogicalDOC 8.7.4
Compatible with PHP 8.1.1

Download Version 1.0.5


Tested against Joomla 3.4.8 and LogicalDOC 7.5.2

Download Version 1.0.4


Login into Joomla administration and register LogicalDOC Joomla explorer extension.

Component installation


Open LogicalDOC Configuration menu option into menu components.

Configuration manager

Fill form parameters:

  • LogicalDOC user credentials;
  • Indicate Public or Private access ( in case you choose private a password is requested )
connection access

Configure visible columns

metadata settings

Test connection.

test connection settings

Go to Joomla menu administration.

  • Add new menu.
add menu item
  • Select LogicalDOC file browser menu type.
LogicalDOC file browser item type

  • Set the menu name
  • Select tab Configuration LogicalDOC to choose the LogicalDOC configuration to show in this menu.

edit menu item

Joomla explorer



There're two kind of search, simple and advanced. The simple search by default look on all available fields.

In Advanced Search there're several form elements which allows to operate on the query fields: content, title and tags. A file type selector allows to filter results.

advanced search

Pressing the button "Search", the search is activated and the documents found are displayed in the area below the form.