Release notes for LogicalDOC 4.6

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This is a production-ready release of the LogicalDOC Enterprise Edition, and the LogicalDOC Community Edition.

Release Date: 4.6

LogicalDOC : 10 Oct 2009

What's New


Active Directory full support and easy configuration
Enhancement in OpenOffice and PDF parsers
Extended attributes are now typed(Double, Integer, String, Date)
Detailed search view
Sign multiple documents with a single PIN input
Automatic notification when the zip import is completed
Users sessions management
Added the token <folder> in the custom ID configuration
Improvement in the webservice methods

Import from E-mail boxes:

Routing rules
IMAP support
SSL support
Connection test utility

Parametric search:

Interactive query composition


Incremental archives support
Fully compliance with italian law 'Conservazione Sostitutiva'

Import folders:

Connection test utility