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== Release: 7.6 ==
== Release: 7.6 ==
LogicalDOC 7.6: December.06 2016<br/>
[http://bugs.logicaldoc.com/milestone/7.6 LogicalDOC 7.6: December.06 2016<br/>]
LogicalDOC 7.6.4: April.11 2017
[http://bugs.logicaldoc.com/milestone/7.6.1 LogicalDOC 7.6.1: January 9, 2017,<br/>]
[http://bugs.logicaldoc.com/milestone/7.6.2 LogicalDOC 7.6.2: February 7, 2017<br/>]
[http://bugs.logicaldoc.com/milestone/7.6.3 LogicalDOC 7.6.3: March 7, 2017<br/>]
[http://bugs.logicaldoc.com/milestone/7.6.4 LogicalDOC 7.6.4: April.11 2017]
== New Features ==
== New Features ==

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This is a production-ready release of the LogicalDOC Enterprise Edition, and the LogicalDOC Community Edition.

Release: 7.6

LogicalDOC 7.6: December.06 2016
LogicalDOC 7.6.1: January 9, 2017,
LogicalDOC 7.6.2: February 7, 2017
LogicalDOC 7.6.3: March 7, 2017
LogicalDOC 7.6.4: April.11 2017

New Features

  • Customizable assignment of storage repository to Worspace (Commercial editions)
  • Webservices API to interact with the Workflow (Commercial editions)
  • Templates for composing emails
  • Ability to schedule execution of custom reports (Commercial editions)
  • Allow users to specify a default workspace in addition to a welcome screen
  • Notify users of new file(s) at time of upload
  • Colored markers on Folders
  • Notes on workflow tasks (Commercial editions)
  • Ability to stamp dynamic barcodes inside the document (Commercial editions)
  • Extensible storer framework v7.6.4
  • File format conversions v7.6.4 (Commercial editions)
  • Implementation of a Storer for remote repositories (SMB) v7.6.4
  • Ability to preview Microsoft Visio documents v7.6.4 (Commercial editions)


  • Tagging of workflow instances for better identification (Commercial editions)
  • Improvements in the visualization and search of workflow histories (Commercial editions)
  • Access to the workflow history from inside the workflow automation (Commercial editions)
  • Save event of Workflow Task Reassigned (Commercial editions)
  • Set document maxversions per workspace (Commercial editions)
  • Resizable Preview Panel
  • Preview navigator(navigate the documents in prevew mode)
  • Create download tickets with the webservice
  • Option to disable the automatic opening of the Default workspace

External Resources

Report any bugs you find using the bug tracker http://bugs.logicaldoc.com

Please contribute to the internationalization of LogicalDOC by using the translation instructions

You can discuss issues in the user forum http://forums.logicaldoc.com

You can participate in our blog http://blog.logicaldoc.com