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DATE: 08/11/2019

Reconfigure LogicalDOC to use Java 11 on Windows

Starting from version 8.3.4 LogicalDOC does not work with Java8 anymore so you have to install Java11.

It is important to install Java11 and not Java12 nor Java13, because Java11 is the latest LTS(Long Term Support) release available at the moment.

Given <LDOC_HOME> the installation path of LogicalDOC(by default it is C:\LogicalDOC), please proceed as follows:

1. Install Java11 from Oracle or OpenJDK 11

2. Open a shell as Administator and go to <LDOC_HOME>\tomcat\bin\

3. Execute the command tomcat8w.exe //MS/LogicalDOC

4. This creates a tray icon with the LogicalDOC’s logo

5. Right click on it and choose configure

6. Now open the Java tab

7. In the Java Virtual Machine put the full path of your jvm.dll (something like C:\Program Files\Java\jdk-11.0.4\bin\server)

8. In the Java Options text area, delete what you have and put this new text (remember to replace <LDOC_HOME> with your LogicalDOC’s installation folder):


9. Click on Apply and then Ok

10. Restart the LogicalDOC service