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I want to translate the language to Chinese(Simplified Chinese UTF-8 Encoding), So I changed the file and made change like this

language = 语言

But when I reload the service, the web page display like this

 语言: Default

I used the newest version 4.0.2, Does the LogicalDOC support Wide-Character? What can I do? Somebody can help me? Thanks!

The Chinese (Simplified) is supported only from LogicalDOC 4.5.1

Release Announcement
LogicalDOC Document Management, 4.5.1 released

Read the Release Notes

After installing LogicalDOC 4.5.1 you must add the Chinese localization plugin

If you need to upgrade from an older version there is a migration tool here

otherwhise simply export your documents in a .ZIP and reimport them

A. Gasparini