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LogicalDOC can be used as middleware and can be integrated with other system by the use of the built-in Web Service.

The Web Service module is part of the LogicalDOC core distribution and is compliant with W3C specifications SOAP and MTOM. Using SOAP over HTTP allows for easier communication through proxies and firewalls than previous remote execution technology. MTOM is a method of efficiently sending binary data to and from web services; it allows more efficient sending of binary data in a SOAP request or response.

The layer of Web-Service of LogicalDOC is implemented using the framework Apache CXF (AKA XFire 2) version 2.1.x.
CXF implements the JAX-WS specifications, this makes the Web-Services of LogicalDOC extremely compatibles and adhering to the W3C's SOAP and MTOM standards.
Also allows to enable/disable the MTOM features, reducing lines of code needed to implement and deliver the web-services functionalities and increasing the maintainability of the program.

The LogicalDOC Web Services are divided in 5 entities, each of them contains services of the same topic.

Web Services Reference

The complete Web-Service Reference is available on this wiki or in downloadable PDF format on SourceForge.

JAVA Examples

On SourceForge we have released an example project that Tests the WS features of LD and simultaneously shows the WS invocations with JAVA

LogicalDOC version Sample
4.0 Java-WebServicesTests-4.0.zip
4.5 Java-WebServicesTests-4.5.zip
5.0/5.1 Java-WebServicesTests-5.1.zip

.NET Integration

This is a sample Visual Studio 2005 project created to illustrate some C# .NET 2.0 invocations of the LogicalDOC web-services

LD version Sample package
6.0 dotNET2WSClient-6.0.zip
5.0 dotNET2WSClient-5.0.zip

PHP Integration

The Web-Services of LogicalDOC are fully compatibles with PHP 5.2.x.
A few days ago we released a set of example that shows the invocation of methods through the SoapClient (SOAP extension) for PHP.
As always you can download it from SourceForge.

LD version Download Url
4.0 PHP-SOAP_webservice_examples.zip