Release notes for LogicalDOC 5.2

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This is a production-ready release of the LogicalDOC Enterprise Edition, and the LogicalDOC Community Edition.

Release: 5.2

LogicalDOC 5.2: 15 July 2010

What's New


  • Workflow history
  • Ability to add Bookmarks on Documents
  • Personal trash to restore deleted documents
  • Changed immutability policies
  • Allow alteration of indexing status
  • Refactored Document API
  • Refactored Store API
  • Includes and Excludes types on index
  • Improved history informations
  • New Webservice interfaces
  • Updated the checkin operation (boolean release: if true, the document version is a new release; if false, the document version is a subversion).
  • Improved performance during folder move
  • Performance improvement in WebDAV interface
  • Optimized database accesses for security policies
  • Saved Searches (user can save the search for a running post), this applies to both full-text searches than the parametric ones

Report any bugs you find using the bug tracker

You can discuss issues in the user forum