Release notes for LogicalDOC 6.0

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This is a production-ready release of the LogicalDOC Enterprise Edition, and the LogicalDOC Community Edition.

Release: 6.0

LogicalDOC 6.0: 01 January 2011

What's New


  • Completely redesigned User Interface
  • Drag & Drop documents from PC desktop (Drop Spot)
  • Microsoft Office integration (Add-In)
  • Tags auto-completion
  • Global Tags administration
  • Improved full-text search with ability to search for sub-words
  • New Administration Statistics area
  • Updated translations of the software
  • Improvements in the preview of documents
  • Improvements to search and indexing engines for higher quality search results
  • Ability to edit documents directly from search results
  • Decoupling of languages in the GUI and the indexing of documents
  • Complete support for Arabic and Chinese languages
  • Updated the web-service interfaces
  • Better management of the scheduled tasks
  • Ability to perform multiple documents upload
  • Improved the creation and management of Workflows

Report any bugs you find using the bug tracker

Please contribute to the internationalization of LogicalDOC by using the translation platform described in the Wiki

You can discuss issues in the user forum