Release notes for LogicalDOC 6.4

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This is a production-ready release of the LogicalDOC Enterprise Edition, and the LogicalDOC Community Edition.

Release: 6.4

LogicalDOC 6.4: March.15 2012

New Features

  • Ability to specify base document template and metadata for each Folder
  • Configurable default page (per user) after login
  • Multiple Workspaces (Commercial editions)
  • Data Retention Policies (Commercial editions)
  • Visual LDAP tree explorer (Commercial editions)
  • Ability to perform searches against folders


  • Configurable preview size
  • Bookmarks on Folders
  • HTML formatting when sending documents in emails
  • Direct import from LDAP and Active Directory (Commercial editions)
  • Effects on Workflow transitions (move to folder, copy to folder) (Commercial editions)
  • Improved loading performance by 35% (documents and folders)
  • All the translations of the GUI are enabled by default
  • Improved management of notes on documents


  • Upload and Checkout improvement
  • Fixed the bug when selecting a space-ending folder in the folder's selector
  • Translation of the item confirmation move messages
  • Download of document on Safari produces files with '%' character in place of space

External Resources

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