Roadmap 5.0

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LogicalDOC 5.0


Improve the audit features
Worflow management on documents
Updating the user interface of LogicalDOC
LogicalDOC must work seamlessly with MySQL 5.1

New Features

  • Opportunity to consult the historical operations on the specified folder
  • Ability to receive notifications via RSS on the operations on the folder
  • Subscribe to event notifications via email to folders and documents
  • New Workflow module to manage the life cycle of documents
    Ability to define a workflow
    Ability to assign users to the workflow
    Ability to assign documents on a specified workflow

Under consideration

We might pick one or two of those items once we see that we have more time/resources. The items are more or less ordered by priority.

  • Introduce the tree navigation folder: 3+
  • Navigation Breadcrumb on every page: 1
  • Redesign of the menus for a layout more sleek and professional: 3
  • e-mail account routing: (ability to define rules based on email informations) 3+
  • 3D Tag-Cloud display: (Cumulus) 2+
  • documentation

Release date

December 16, 2009